Curious USB
0.8m A$374

1.0m A$418

1.2m A$462

1.5m A$528

2.0m A$638

Regen Link
0.2m A$132

USB Including Regen Link
0.8m A$506

1.0m A$550

1.2m A$594

1.5m A$660

2.0m A$770

Hugo Link
0.28m A$176

5-Pin USB 3.0
0.28m A$176

All prices include express postage!

All curious USB cables feature the USB Type A to USB Type B standard of connectors.

The Regen Link replaces the hard adaptor or fly lead supplied with Regen.

The Hugo Link Improves the performance of the Chord Hugo DAC.

The USB cable that connects external storage to a PC/Server is extremely important for sound quality. Feel free to ask for a custom build of the Curious USB Cable with a usb 3.0 micro 5-Pin connector.

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For a custom length of cable price enquiry or purchase request, please contact Mike Lenehan via email.