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Cabinet Composite 18 to 36mm HDF laminated to 3mm sprung steel plate. Baffle is composite 18 mm HDF laminated to 3mm sprung steel plate. Differential Cancellation bracing utilising 25mm hardwood dowel and 18mm Birch Plywood.
Crossover construction: Full hardwire hand build, all joints are high pressure low contact area cold weld sealed with Teflon amalgamated wrap.
12awg aircored inductors, low tension handwound double stabilised.
Duelund VSF CopperFoil capacitors.
Duelund Carbon Phenolic body 15watt Resistors.
Tweeter 1 inch chambered textile dome
Mid-bass driver 5.5 inch Nomex Diaphram
Wiring RibbonTek 25mm and 13mm wide copper ribbon wire with proprietary dialectric
Input connection Eichmann cablepods
Frequency Response 45 - 25Khz +/- 1.5db (in room)
Sensitivity 86dB @ 2.83V/m
Impedance 8 ohms nominal
Reccomended amplifier wattage 20 - 300W
Cabinet dimensions (HxWxD) 325 x 170 x 255mm (12.8 x 6.7 x 10.0")
Weight (1 speaker) 12kg (26.4lbs)

All specifications may be subject to change without notice.
Each pair of ML1 Reference are stringently tested, run in for 200 Hrs on music signal, then hand tuned and supplied with their own frequency, phase and impedance plots.

A mini-monitor loudspeaker, by virtue of its small size, offers many benefits when it comes to accurate sound reproduction - like superb stereo imaging, low colouration and natural voice tones. Typically in competitor loudspeaker models, they have many weaknesses - limited bass output and extension, and restricted power handling - that makes owning them a compromise on your behalf.

With the ML1, we have sought to maximise the inherent strengths of the design while all but eliminating its weaknesses. Its ported and braced cabinet, constructed from a composite material, the precisely engineered crossover and premium quality drivers give it a bottom end that will astound you - It'll leave you asking where the subwoofer is.

More importantly, ML1 exhibits an utterly neutral and uncoloured sound, with unrivalled transparency and sheer musicality, there is no equal at or anywhere near its price. Owners who have upgraded to the ML1 from some of the world's most revered speaker designs tell us just that!